Saturday, September 13, 2008

School has Begun

I have gone through my mourning period as Cynthia goes back to school and Jonathan starts Kindergarten. Jonathan's school had a fire drill the second day. He has always been sensitive to loud noises. He came home and told me about it in detail then at the end told me he started crying when it went off at first. It makes me so sad that I wasn't there to comfort him but he is gaining confidence through experiencing things on his own. He is already a different boy than before he started.
Cynthia loves 2nd grade. She seems to enjoy her teacher and has made a friend that likes to play cowboy/cowgirl with her at recess.
Emma is a bit bored at home without her older siblings. She is glued to me and really cracks me up. Her imaginary friend Trixie is always having an opinion about what we're doing. "Mommy, Trixie wants to go shopping." or "Trixie doesn't want to have rest time." It is pretty funny. She also just told me recently that she has a '"bad" friend that knows where Belchertown is but she doesn't know where our house is." She does not like this bad friend because she is mean. She is really so funny!