Thursday, December 2, 2010

When I Was a Kid

I have no pictures to post because our computer is down and out. I will be devastated if it can't be fixed. The amount of stuff on there that I haven't backed-up is astounding. My Mother-in-Law is graciously letting us borrow her laptop until we can fix it. Somehow my life has become unmanageable without a computer. I'm not sure when or how this happened but it surely did and it makes me sad that it has come to this.
Remember when there was no Internet and we had to hand write papers for school? My Brother-in-Law, who is a high school teacher, says he won't accept handwritten papers and that is really the norm.
Cynthia (who is in 4Th grade) is learning cursive but I'm pretty sure that by the time Lucy is her age she will not have to learn it. That is sad to me. Mostly because it is a sign of what is happening in the world. Everything needs to be faster and "better". It also makes me feel old to even have the phrase, "When I was a kid...." enter my mind.

How much do you rely on your computer? Is it pretty much normal that I use my computer for EVERYTHING from facebook to kids homework to figuring out what to make for dinner? I think I am......

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